Bringing Natural Body Transformation To a Whole New Level
Bringing Natural Body Transformation To a Whole New Level
About Gayan Perera
I was an active kid who played sports in school. All changed after I moved to Australia. Tight schedule with University and part time jobs lead me to eat poorly. I gained a lot of weight in short time.

It affected my body image and confidence. Worst thing was I was very unhealthy; I was getting sick often. I wanted to change the terrible situation I was in. I wanted to lose fat & build lean muscles, look better and be healthier.    

I decided to join the local gym. I had no idea how to weight train properly or proper nutrition. So I started looking for help from fitness magazines and websites. However the results I got were very minimal following that advice. It was frustrating. I was training hard and eating healthy but didn’t see major results.   
So I started studying nutrition and strength training. Soon I realised the inaccuracy of the information I was reading. I continued to study nutrition and strength training and it became my passion.

I have been Skinny, I have been overweight, I have been fit. I have literally been in all stages. I know how it feels when you don’t get the results you deserve after spending hours in the training room, I have been there.   

Problem was I was listening to my other friends who had no real knowledge about training or nutrition. 

My goal is to help as many people as possible achieve their maximum potential, significantly lower their body fat and create a pleasing appearance through muscle tone and shape.    

Gayan Perera
PICP Level 2 Strength Coach
Sports Nutrition Specialist
2x Natural Fitness Model Australian National Champion
3rd Place Men’s Physique Open – Victorian Titles
2nd Place Fitness Model – South Australian Titles
30+ Fitness Model Australia National Champion
3rd Place Fitness Model Overall – Australian National Titles 2016
2nd Place Fitness Model – South Australian Titles
4th Place Men’s Physique – Victorian Championship
Trainer Awards
5 x Champion Trainer Award 
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Client Results
I Won 8 Titles
I was training for a long time before I met Gayan Perera. As I remember it was 2007 I first started training, but it took a few years for me to be consistent with it. With that I did managed to transform myself to a certain extent. I was never happy with the way I was, because it didn’t reach the perfection I desired. He became my coach in 2015 and I realized that there are so many things I didn’t know about training and nutrition. 

I started my journey with him around November 2015 did an initial preparation to compete for few months managed to win my first show in April 2016 and another 7 more first places followed. It’s been a great journey working with him, I would say he’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to what he does and he knows how to get the job done. I look forward to work with him for the future.

Thilina Sasanka
Personal Trainer
8 Times Fitness Model Champion
Gayan is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to everything fitness and nutrition
Professional, knowledgeable and understanding. Gayan is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to everything fitness and nutrition. I decided to start training with Gayan because I saw that he specialised in physique competitors, had exceptional results with his clients and competing in a bikini competition has always been a goal of mine. Before I started training with Gayan I was unhappy with my body, seeing slow results at the gym and had been stuck in a plateau for the past few months. In the first 12 weeks I achieved a weight loss of 5.5kg but toned up and everything has started to become defined. Throughout the past 12 weeks I suffered a lot of sickness, particularly in my stomach but Gayan worked with me to ensure that I was doing what I could and didn’t put pressure on me when I was unable to meet my requirements. I am a much happier person and I finally feel comfortable enough to wear a crop top to the gym. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the next few months with Gayan’s help.

Gemma Sergeant
Personal Trainer & Fitness Competitor
I Lost 27kgs So Far
Once you decide to change your body, you need authentic guidance to achieve your goals. Whatever your fitness goal is, Gayan Perera has the real knowledge and experience to get you there. I personally tried a bunch of workouts, meal plans and followed so called "famous personal trainers/fitness models" for years. I wasted my time and money and u didn't gain anything. 

Anybody can help you to lose the first 5kgs, but the real deal begins after that. Gayan is a unique personal trainer. He is dedicated and very passionate. His advance nutritional knowledge and workout techniques make him look like a "Magician". Not only has he prepared customised meal plans and workout plans, but also he asses your progress on a weekly basis. You can contact him online anytime and he will be watching you until you achieve your goal. 

I've been following him for one year and I have lost 27 kgs so far. I'm really happy with my progress and looking forward to bring the best version of me with Gayan. This is a long journey, be wise to pick the right trainer to guide you. If not you will be going around in circles just like I did, risk your health, waste your time and money. 

Hiran Badullage 
Accounts Administrator
I was initially struck by his insight, knowledge and experience
I approached Gayan because my initial goal was to get really fit and lean for my birthday. I actually first met Gayan at a course we were both attending. I was initially struck by his insight, knowledge and experience. 

The other thing which drew me in was his personality and ease of character. I have over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and was quite impressed by Gayan's programming methods and precision in developing my meal plans. 

He was always more than happy to answer questions in a prompt manner. I've actually leant so much from him. To my surprise I was in a much better shape than expected which led me to do an unprecedented photo shoot. 

I would definitely recommend Gayan to anyone who is serious about getting their ideal body composition. 

Andrew Bolis 
Personal Trainer
You can definitely achieve your goals with Team New Start
If we have a good navigator, we know that we will arrive to our destination safely without taking any wrong turns!

However if you really concern about your health towards to gain a nice symmetry, do not make a doubt about yourself! You can definitely achieve your goals with "Team New Start",
"Gayan Perera " and " Thilina Sasanka " you are fantabulous! You guys are the smartest navigators with vast knowledge to implement great miracles!

Gihan Swethahansa 
I lost 10kgs in 12 Weeks
I was in and out of the gym for several times without proper results. I met Gayan and that totally changed the game of health and fitness.

He's got loads of valuable knowledge about fitness programs and nutrition. 

His meal plans are not that hard to follow and give you all the nutrition to keep you healthy.

His great techniques and unique methods of getting results are proven throughout the program. 

I lost 10 kg in 12 weeks while maintaining a great fitness level. Most importantly he was answering to all my questions when ever I had doubts. 

The others in his team is also a great encouraging environment to achieve your results as they all are working towards similar goals.

Nishantha Perera
He can push you to the limits and make you achieve your most desired goals
Gayan has been my personal trainer for around 8 months now. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Gayan’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting even though I think it's impossible at times. 

He can push you to the limits and make you achieve your most desired goals. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, gives the best foundation for success and alternately a healthier life style for an age. Would not go anywhere else.

Jenanie Jeyaneshan
Really Love The Program
Really love his meal plan and his training program. Easy to follow, great training advice, interesting and fun. I think his instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Yuresh Williams
Programming was different and very specific 
The programming was different to what I had experienced before and very specific. Highly recommend this as a premium service if you don't have time to wait for results.

Andrew O’Brien
Head Coach of Priority Health & Fitness
Gayan Is The Best Mentor I Have Ever Had
To all out there,

I am so glad, I’ll tell you I have been into fitness industry for a long time 'GAYAN' the best mentor I have ever had.

I still remember the day I went for consultation, he just said “Be prepared let’s start from Monday". Have you ever had hot pepper on fork? Just imagine someone is feeding that to you on a fork, nothing but that. That means you’re fired up, that means your positioning yourself to get the butter from the duck.  

Yes “the butter from the duck" that's how I felt every week. His expertise in nutrition and training routine put me back where I had dreamed to me in first few weeks.

The person that is your mentor and works that he does and I feel honoured to be on the platform shared with you. Gayan a mentor with sprit and heart but most importantly that makes you unique to me is you are the message that you bring. 

Thank you 

Manoj Mukunda 
Personal Trainer
Men’s Physique Champion
After starting with Gayan, not only did I start accumulating more muscle mass but also started to lose fat
I don’t know and where to start from. All I can say is I am probably the happiest lifter in the world right now as I got to know and started working with Gayan/ Team New Start. People need to realise that you “do not know” what you “do not know.” You need to seek for professional guidance when it is time. If I am to keep it short and sweet, my muscle mass and fat loss had plateaued just before starting with Gayan and I did not know where to go from there. I had also lost motivation due to not getting anywhere. 

After starting with Gayan, not only did I start accumulating more muscle mass but also started to lose fat, particularly around my belly area. One month in to the program I knew Gayan was the man to work with and I met one of the best trainers (Both nutrition and training) in the market. I had consulted trainers in the past and noted one thing particularly different with Gayan. He is so switched on and goes above and beyond with customising what suits best for his clients. Gayan’s knowledge is second to none as the saying goes he surely preach what he practises. Do not take my word for it, please speak to all Gayan’s current and past clients. I take this testimonial as an opportunity to thank Gayan once again with helping me be the best version of myself. Please note that I have been weight lifting for about 4 years prior to starting with Gayan. I wish I had met Gayan earlier and wonder what we could’ve achieved by now if this was the case. Looking at where I started and where I currently stand I could not be happier. I will be working with Gayan moving forward and look forward to a future full of Gainz. One last word to define Gayan. “CHAMPION.”

Malith Perera 
I couldn't be happier where I am at the moment
I have been training for the last 8 years and I always looked good in the mirror but deep down I felt that I can be better than this. As time passed I came across this personal trainer Gayan Perera who use his skills to achieve his clients goals in a short time frame. I met him 12 weeks ago and he hooked me up with Custom made meal plans and training programs and today making the better body that I always wanted with mint condition, I couldn't be happier where I am at the moment. He is not one of those personal trainers, he is the best and Highly recommended. From a 100% happy client. :-)

Kushan Chanaka 
Natural Bodybuilder
We all are lucky to have Gayan , he is not your stereotype coach , he is defiantly in the superior category, he is very intelligent.
For me he is a role-model, a gentleman, a decent human being, a mentor, a fitness buff, and a competent trainer rolled into one. It was a painful & troublesome exercise for me to look for good coaches & change them from time to time during the past 21 years & I was compelled to spend a good amount of my money for their services. To be fair by my previous trainers I do not say that I could not achieve anything under their guidance & training. I achieved something in terms of the look of my physique & mental & physical fitness but what I achieved was disproportionate to the time & money spent for the services of trainers let alone the expenditure incurred on non-essential supplements. But I felt that I had the potential to achieve more under a more professional & knowledgeable coach. Out of frustration I completely gave up my fitness programme for about 03 years until I met Gayan. My initial meeting with Gayan was cordial & the every word spoken by Gayan was encouraging. I was impressed with his kind words, knowledge & professionalism. I became his protégé & pupil. I am no longer a youth & have grown old but thanks to Gayan I had the opportunity to compete in ANB (fitness model for persons above the age of 35) & I have ticked off one item from my bucket list. My message for the fellow fitness / body building enthusiasts, you don’t have to go through initial mediocre phase I went through. 

We all are lucky to have Gayan , he is not your stereotype coach , he is defiantly in the superior category, he is very intelligent. He has achieved three A’s in GCE advanced level, an accountant graduate, completed and achieved many fitness related credentials and accolades. He can effortlessly pursue accounting /finance related careers, but he has chosen the passion of his life to become a fitness / body building coach. We are extremely lucky that has selected this path. The scientific knowledge he possesses, will put some General practitioners into shame. His training methods are result oriented implausible. The way he customized exercise and nutrition programs to each individual desired goals are improbable. You will get to know this once, you join his program. Some folks grumble about the cost factor to afford Gayan’s membership. I don’t have to tell you quality comes with a price. It takes six months to assemble a Rolls Royce & 13 hours to build a Toyota they say and hence patience, dedication & commitment are essential ingredients to achieve success. He is trustworthy & does not indulge in the habit of sugarcoating the facts for partisan gain. He has convinced me that nothing can be achieved by empty promises & flattery. “Fine words butter no parsnips ". Thank you Gayan for pushing me outside my comfort zone in order to show me that success cannot be achieved without sacrifices. Thank you very much for your timely advice for me.

Indika De Silva 
(Did this transformation naturally at age 41)
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